By 2030, Tax sector will issue electronic identification and authentication to 100% of taxpayers

By 2030, Tax sector will issue electronic identification and authentication to 100% of taxpayers 16/08/2022 03:49:00 11

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According to the General Department of Taxation, by 2030, the IT system will be integrated and centralized to meet the requirements of digital information exploitation and use by the government, people, enterprises and organizations, and the direction and administration tax authorities and provide electronic and digital services to taxpayers.

According to the General Department of Taxation, by 2025, 100% of taxpayers will be granted an electronic identification and authentication to use electronic tax services provided by the tax sector; 90% of tax administrative procedures are carried out in the form of the 3rd and 4th electronic transactions. 100% of online public services at the 3rd and 4th level are connected and shared with the National Public Service Portal. 100% of information on electronic tax returns and tax payments is processed in 24 hours. 100% of the electronic tax payment amount is accounted for in real time. 100% of taxpayers are granted accounts to look up tax obligations and pay taxes electronically on a smart mobile device platform.

Furthermore, 100% of the data collection, processing, storage and exploitation needs can be computerized for tax administration and management by tax authorities using IT in an integrated and centralized manner. 50% of inspection activities by tax authorities are carried out through the digital environment and the tax authority's information system. 80% of work records are processed in the network environment.

In addition, 100% of the periodical reporting system is updated and shared on the national reporting information system according to the general roadmap of the Ministry of Finance and the Government. 100% records of officials and employees are stored and managed in the form of electronic records. 100% of officials and employees are granted accounts to use information technology systems, including: user accounts, email, online information exchange accounts. 100% of the needs for connection and exchange of information between relevant units, ministries and organizations will be able to apply IT according to the roadmap for implementing agreements and cooperation documents between the parties.

Tax sector database is accurate, complete and timely, effectively supporting risk management, leading to an automatic mechanism to systematically cross-check information from third parties in order to detect potentially dangerous contents leading to errors in tax returns. Tax sector will ensure IT technical infrastructure, advanced, modern and synchronous equipment, ensuring continuous, efficient operation, information safety and data security.

(Phuong Thao)


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